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November 7, 2012


Art Club/Media Club members bring back ideas from Chicago trip


Chicago TripStudents in Cowley College’s Art Club and Media Club had an opportunity to tour Chicago and bring back new ideas during their trip to the Windy City Oct. 31-Nov. 4.
Media Club students attended the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention held at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. They were joined by Media Club advisors Meg Smith and Adam Borth.

“The purpose of the trip was to broaden the students exposure to media in general and for them to see how everyone comes together, such as video, print, broadcast and web,” Smith said.

At the convention, there were breakout sessions as well as hands-on workshops and discussion groups. A slate of broadcast-oriented speakers were also showcased, while critiques of each school’s newspaper were offered.

There was also a newspaper job fair.

Media Club students also took part in a Free Food Festival similar to the one they conducted at the college and also were involved in a midnight critique session.

In their down time, the students had an opportunity to tour the Willis Tower (formerly named the Sears Tower) and Navy Pier.

“The trip energized them,” Smith said. “The students received a lot of positive feedback and the trip served as a good bonding experience.”

Smith and Borth were joined by Media Club students Jessica Holdt, Jacklyn Anderson, Wendy Brigido, Brittany Collins, Trevor Reichle, Anna Massie, and Autumn Mumford, who had her thoughts on being a missionary journalist validated after attending the convention.

“They had a Faith Room at the seminar that reaffirmed my thoughts on wanting to do missionary journalism,” said Mumford, who serves as a photo editor/ad manager/designer and writer for the Cowley Press. “The trip was so fun. I was able to hone my skills to be a photo editor and we all fit really well together.”

A total of 16 students joined Art Club advisors Mark Flickinger and Mike Fell on the trip to Chicago. Kris Ripley, digital content provider for the college, also made the trip.

Art Club students had an opportunity to visit several art galleries, including the Ann Nathan Gallery, Perimeter Gallery, and Hilligoss Gallery. They also toured the Art Institute of Chicago and The Field Museum.

“Students saw a broad cross section of examples from all kinds of media,” Flickinger said. “I wanted them to come back with different ideas of things they want to try.”

For Kristen Phipps this was her second time taking part in the Art Club’s trip to Chicago. “Now I have more of an understanding of the artwork and appreciation of the culture,” Phipps said. “Seeing the diverse work out there will allow me to go farther and push the boundaries of the artwork people consider normal.”

Flickinger said it was good for the students to see selling their artwork is a real possibility.
“Seeing pictures on a wall for sale shows people still love beautiful objects,” Flickinger said.

Ripley, who designs the majority of the college’s advertisements, picked up some new ideas on the trip.
“I left feeling more inspired after seeing what kind of art is impacting people,” Ripley said. “I tried to soak in all the marketing in the city so I can stay fresh with my designs.”

Flickinger and Fell were joined by Art Club students Alex Bowker, Henry Englemeyer, Abbey Ferris, Dessiree Harrison, Mark Hunt, John LaFitte, Emily Loy, Kat Lowe, Samantha Nichols, Kristen Phipps, Amy Sternberger, Luke Austin, Clarissa Owen, Abby Showalter, Meagan Blevins, and Kiefer Waltman.

“It was great to immerse ourselves in their culture,” Kat Lowe said.

The trip to Chicago is one Flickinger values having the opportunity to share with the students. “It was an experience my students will always remember,” Flickinger said.