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November 13, 2012

Interpersonal Communication students gain insight through interviews


Interpersonal Communication studentsStudents in Cowley College’s Interpersonal Communication class recently had an opportunity to interview someone that is currently making a professional living doing what the students are now in school training to someday be. The students met Monday in groups to share their experience from conducting the interview.

Dejon Ewing, class instructor, said students from previous semesters have landed internships, job offers, and scholarships through interviewing someone in the line of work they wish to one day enter.

In fact, one of Ewing’s former students was even flown to a company’s corporate office in Chicago for an interview, while another student, Jancye Sturd, met and interviewed the professional who soon became a valuable mentor to her.

Ewing split the students into four groups and each student discussed the interview with members of the group. Students evaluated one another’s communication skills such as volume of their voice, articulation, eye contact, voice inflection, facial expression, and their ability to be prepared and listen to others with interest.

“This project can be very affirming to some, or it could tell them this is not the area they want to pursue,” Ewing said.

For sophomore pre-nursing major Kimberly Beeman the opportunity to interview Emily Makeena, a surgical nurse at South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center in Arkansas City, reaffirmed her decision to explore a career in nursing.

“I really enjoyed the interview, it gave me insight into that line of work and what type of people I would be working with,” Beeman said.