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November 26, 2012

Art Club fundraiser nets over $1,100; bowls still for sale


All of the hours and hard work put into making bowls paid off as the sixth annual Art Club Chili Bowl sale held Tuesday in the Earle N. Wright Community Room raised more than $1,100.

Individuals that purchased a bowl were treated to homemade chili. The money raised was the most in the six years of the event.

Art Club co-sponsors Mark Flickinger and Mike Fell were pleased with the results of the fundraiser.

“Mike and I, along with the Art Club students, would like to thank all the people that purchased a bowl and enjoyed some chili,” Flickinger said.

Bowl prices varied from $5-$20. There are still bowls for sale. The remaining bowls will be available for purchase Tuesday through Thursday of this week in Cowley College’s Kerr Technology Building, Room 106.

Several Art Club members spent many hours physically making more than 120 bowls on the potter’s wheel. Starting with a pound and a half of clay, they threw and trimmed each bowl by hand, one at a time.  Those who threw five or more bowls were: Henry Engelmeyer, John Laffitte, Kiefer Waltman, and Amanda Yauch. 

After the pots were made they were taken to the kiln room and bisque fired before the glazes were applied. Other members of art club then assisted with the glaze application process to decorate the pots. Glazers included Kat Lowe, Kristen Phipps, Emily Loy, Luke Austin, Mark Hunt, Desiree Harrison, as well as Laffitte and Waltman. 

After glazing, the bowls were taken back to the kilns for the final firing which melts the glazes and fuses them to the clay bowls, making them waterproof, thus allowing the owners to eat a delicious bowl of chili, wash it in the dishwasher, fill it with leftovers and reheat in the microwave.

This is one of several fundraising events sponsored by the Art Club in order to raise funds for educational travel experiences to view art museums and galleries in places such as Chicago, Santa Fe (N.M.) and New York.