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December 6, 2012

Students showcase their work during Life: Through Words and Lens event


Providing Cowley College students an opportunity to show their work in a public forum, the Life: Through Words and Lens event was held Wednesday in the college’s Earle N. Wright Community Room.showcase

Those in attendance were treated to photography, stories, film, and multimedia projects.

The work on display was put together by students in Cowley College’s digital photography class, creative writing class, introduction to screenwriting class, communication practicum class, and graphic design and visual communication classes.

“It was great to see people appreciating the work done by the students,” Cowley College graphic design instructor Mark Dykes said. “I was extremely impressed by the work the students picked to display.”

Items on display were a culmination of the hard work the students have done in the fall semester.

“I think the students surprised themselves by the body of work they put together,” Director of Journalism/digital photography course instructor Meg Smith said. “You don’t always get to see what is produced in the classroom, so it was nice to have a place for the public to see the work being done by the students.”

Digital Photography students: Luke Austin, Bobby Dean, Linda Hamlin, Lauren Llanes, Tera, Alex Morris, Diana Russell, Natasha Womack, and Shayna Womack.

Creative writing students that had portfolios for review: Neal Andrews, Kiley Broyles, Kyle Guthery, Evan Haney, Kaylene Humphreys, Charity Kester, Shannon Mahon, Derick McGrath, Levi Strong, Kayla Thacker, Maggie Walker, and Blaine Wilkey.

Introduction to screenwriting students: Luke Austin, Grant Williams, Shannon Mahon, and Kyle Guthery.

Communication practicum students: Joseph Rhodd, Shannon Mahon, Tera Mills, Luke Austin, Ruy Vaz, Lauren Llanes, Jessica Holdt, Zach Legleiter, Abi Vanzandt, Micah Fry, Karley McFadyen, Ben Vozzola, Brittany Collins, and Mark Alvarado.

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