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December 7, 2012

Marvis Gaddie to Retire After Seven Years at Cowley


Marvis GaddieMarvis Gaddie, Department Secretary for Business, Computers, and Information Technology is set to retire at the end of the fall semester. Marvis has been employed at Cowley for seven years. She has also served as the WorkKeys Administrator, maintained the college catalog for publication and kept the college website updated with course descriptions and program grids. In addition to her full-time secretarial duties, Marvis devoted her time as an adjunct faculty member, teaching classes in Computer Applications, Business Math, and Fundamentals of Accounting. 

When Marvis began her career at Cowley, she soon realized the opportunity for her own personal educational advancement. During her employment, she took advantage of the educational offerings that surrounded her, and remarkably earned both her Associate of Arts degree in Accounting from Cowley, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Friends University. Marvis is very grateful to her husband Jim for all of his encouragement and support, especially during this time, while she was working full-time and finishing her two degrees.

Marvis would also like to extend her gratitude to the college. She has truly enjoyed her time at Cowley, and feels very blessed to have worked with such fine instructors. She would like to offer a special “thank you” to Bev Grunder for making her feel such a vital part of the department.

Marvis’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. Bev Grunder, BCIT Department Chair, commented that “Marvis has always been willing to accept additional responsibilities and duties, and plunge right in on new projects. The college will definitely miss Marvis and the quality of work that she has provided.” After Cowley, Marvis intends to stay active. She’ll also stay in the work force, at least partially anyway. Marvis plans on working part-time for Anne Jarrett C.P.A. Accounting Firm in Winfield.