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December 7, 2012mechatronics

Building a safer tomorrow


Students in the Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) classroom were recently challenged to develop a “mock” home alarm security system to test their skills. The Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) class is designed to take a student with years of experience, or no experience at all and teach them how the PLC functions as well as learning to utilize the PLC in numerous applications.

This specific assignment was for students to build a “user friendly” responsive alarm system. Students were required to think about how an alarm system is activated, how it is triggered or set off, silenced, and turned off. 

Students were given the extra challenge of tracking the movements of individual access points. This exercise gives students practice in tracking problem situations, such as parts that wear out over time, or in security situations, it can supply information about usage, allowing users to be tracked. The Manufacturing Technology (Mechatronics) Program is now enrolling for the spring 2013 semester in both morning and afternoon courses including: Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and Robotics.