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December 11, 2012

Theatre and Music Departments pull out all the stops for White Christmas


"White Christmas"

With Cowley College’s Theatre and Music Departments teaming to give three spectacular performances of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, more than 1,600 people attended the shows in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Along with theatre director Scott MacLaughlin and director of vocal music Connie Donatelli, technical director of theatre Jamison Rhoads, and choreographer Lana Sleeper made up the talented staff. While, Music Theatre of Wichita allowed the college to rent the set, costumes and props.

“I love the collaboration and we couldn’t have done it without all the volunteers,” MacLaughlin said. “So many people had a hand in making it such a success.”

White Christmas featured a successful song-and-dance team, Bob Wallace (played by Ben Stranghoner) and Phil Davis (played by Anthony Caldera), that become romantically involved with a sister act, Betty (played Rose Hooley) and Judy Haynes (played Rebekah Anliker), and team up to save the failing Vermont Inn run by their former commanding general (played by Riley Emley).

The story began on Christmas Eve, 1944, somewhere in Europe and ends with Bob and Betty declaring their love for one another, as do Phil and Judy.

With rehearsals over the past two months, MacLaughlin praised the work of the cast and crew.

“This is one of the bigger projects we have ever tried to tackle and I want to thank them for making this show one of the most memorable of my career,” MacLaughlin said.

The wonderful singing and choreography lit up the Robert Brown Theatre stage and had the audience enthralled throughout the entirety of the show.

“The kids worked extremely hard to make it go so well,” MacLaughlin said. “It was a lot of fun.”

The Cast:

  • Bob Wallace -Ben Stranghoner
  • Phil Davis - Anthony Caldera
  • Betty Haynes - Rose Hooley
  • Judy Haynes - Rebekah Anliker
  • General Waverly - Riley Emley
  • Martha Watson - Rebecca Munoz
  • Susan Waverly - Bella Wood
  • Ralph Sheldrake - Alex Myers
  • Rita - Kaitlyn McDonough
  • Rhoda - Brenna Beeson
  • Ezekiel - Sean Rethmeier
  • Mike - Addam Porter
  • Choral Women:
  • Paige Karnes, Kasara Hays, Liz Lewis, Kristan Wiedeman, Marissa Spainhower, Katie Twenhafel, and Kristen Boxman.
  • Choral Men:
  • Gary Fizer III, Jace Franklin, Dylan Berry, Cyruss Tasker, and Corey Rothwell.
  • Stage Manager - Robin McGonigal
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Lauren Gardner

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