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December 13, 2012

Cales to retire after more than 25 years at Cowley College


Marcia CalesIn 1987, Marcia Cales took a part-time job in the mail room at Cowley College. That began her 25 year stretch of employment with the college. Although her job duties have changed throughout her duration, her dedication has remained constant. In 1989, Marcia accepted a full-time position as the Athletic Department Secretary. She served in that capacity until 1997, when she transitioned into the secretarial role for the Natural Science Department. In addition to her departmental tasks, Cales served as the web editor for the Tiger Athletics web site, and the secretary for the marketing committee.

During retirement, Marcia is looking forward to spending more quality time with her family, including a lot of camping in the spring and summer. Marcia and Max Cales have two sons Bryan and Bret. Bryan Cales and Sarah Murphy have one daughter, Delilah. Bret and wife Ellen have two daughters, Chloe and Cara. Marcia plans on enjoying her granddaughters as much as possible. She is blessed to still have her father, age 91, in her life, and hopes to spend many cherished moments with him as well.  

Everyone at Cowley College would like to wish Marcia well in her retirement. Michelle Schoon, Department Chair of Natural Science, has many fond memories of Marcia and knows that everyone in the office will miss her dearly.  Michelle affectionately penned the poem below for Marcia’s upcoming farewell.

Marcia has a heart of gold, and wears it on her sleeve. 
If anyone needs help, she will offer the reprieve.
If you can't find something you desire,
she will search through all the mire.
Marcia always has an ear for listening,
and she keeps the office glistening.
With Marcia around, it has been bliss.
Her presence we will surely miss!