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January 24, 2014

Istas has article published in Indiana Adult Education newsletter


With the January Indiana Adult Education newsletter focusing on mathematics, Cowley College instructional coordinator/math instructor, Brooke Istas, wrote an article about math instruction for the state of Indiana that was published in the newsletter.

The article is titled, “Digging Deeper – Math Instruction”. 

Istas was asked by the State of Indiana to write the article about scaffolding math instruction.

“You see, there have been several changes to the 2014 GED that was released early this month,” Istas said. “This is causing instructors to learn higher levels of mathematics and how to teach them, too.”

Istas enjoyed writing the article because it was something she has quite a bit of knowledge on, considering it is something she teaches in her Adult Education classes.

“My intention is to help instructors become effective instructors; to have them quit teaching for content and teach for mastery and understanding,” Istas said. “We are trying to teach people to think critically in the world around us, to make informed decisions and choices, and to make their lives easier…math can do all of those things.”

As a national presenter, reviewer, and subject matter expert in Adult Math and Numeracy, Istas hopes her article will impact several teachers in the state of Indiana, which means impacting several more learners.

“I don’t expect everyone to love math, but I do expect everyone to see the importance of it,” Istas said.