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February 12, 2014


Cowley College and Winfield High School team up to provide entertaining band concert


concertProviding young musicians in the area an opportunity to learn from one another and share in a musical experience, the Cowley College Concert Band and Winfield High School Symphonic Band teamed up for a concert Tuesday inside Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre.

The Winfield Symphonic Band, under the direction of Paige Camp and Charles Yingling, opened the evening by performing “An Irish Party in Third Class”, which is an arrangement by Richard Saucedo. They also performed “First Suite in E-flat” by Gustav Holst, “Ammerland” by Jacob de Haan, and “His Honor” by Henery Fillmore.

The Cowley Concert Band, under the direction of Josh Fleig, then performed a variety of music that stirred the hearts of the audience. One piece in particular they performed was, “Laideronnette,” which is an arrangement of a composition by impressionist composer Maurice Ravel who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Concert Band also performed “Our Town,” by Aaron Copland, a piece they performed back in October at the tribute concert to Scott MacLaughlin. While also performing “Elements” by Brian Balmages, and “Innisfree” by Carl Strommen.

Fleig hopes to invite a different high school band every year to perform a concert with the Cowley Concert band.

The Concert Band and Cowley College Concert Choir will perform their spring concert in the Robert Brown Theatre at 7 p.m. May 6.

Cowley College Concert Band members:
Piccolo: Alexie Pearce
Flute: Holly Brizendine, Karly Marshall, Rachel Bouchard, Amanda Fiedler
Oboe: Sara Gift
Clarinet: Alison Flickner, Jaci Goode, Katrina Ukena, Jace Franklin, Kirsty Skinner, Chris Cardone, Kaysi Wolf Bass Clarinet: Desiree Harrison, Ally Hallowell Alto Saxophone: Breanna Burdick, Jacob Westerman, Abigail Hasselbring Tenor Saxophone: Jake Helphingstine Baritone Saxophone: Avery Correia
Trumpet: Justin Woody, Valerie Schlegel, Hunter Ackermann, Patci Vega, Courtney Banks, Tyler Beach, Lake Ferguson, and Warren Taylor French Horn: Caitlyn Martin, Uriah Donnelly
Euphonium: Nathan Williams, Jonathan Holmgren
Trombone: Brooke Tye, Amy Jo Gragert, Dylan Gregor
Tuba: Josh Waldorf, Nathan Metzinger
Percussion: Henry Flickinger, Levi Sutton, Robbie Narron, and K.C. Udarbe Winfield High School Symphonic Band members:
Flute: Cathleen Trollman, Taylor Ging, Jillian Rinehart, Avery Porter, Tea Schmitt, Addison Martin, Bailey Bergagnini
Oboe: Emily Graham
Bassoon: Abbey Pentz
Clarinet: Lilya Woodburn, Emily Sarnacki, Chardonnay Stephens, Caleb White, Kathleen Wardman, Wyatt Meseke, Isaiah Washington, Madison Nihart, Alyssa Thomas, Shinyah Griffin, Jade Harmon Bass Clarinet: Alyzandra Rush Contra-Bass Clarinet: Aspen Sanders Alto Saxophone: Scott Vilayphone, Brian Hardin, Jacob Pugmire, Larkin Witte, Garrett Misora, Tony Mendoza, Abigail Steiner Tenor Saxophone: Sage Judd, Scott Olney, Dylan Bowman
Trumpet: Tory Setzkorn, Jonathan Lee, Sutton Wilson, Jacob Dennett, Spencer Myers, Matthew Falletti, Nathanial Gale, Ryan Pugmire, Logan Pierce French Horn: Alexandra Hopkins
Trombone: Michael Burley, Trenton Ging, Reuben Bowling, Emileigh Bond
Baritone: Woodrow Harmon, Trenton Wardman
Tuba: Clayton Lauppe
Percussion: Tyler Demaree, Derek Hammer, Nicholas Lockyear, Brandon Love, Mercedes Nihart, Grady Priest, Dylan Snider, and Dakota Soukup

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