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February 13, 2014


High School students take part in Math & Science Daymath and science day winners

More than 100 high school students and sponsors took part in the Math and Science Day events at Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City on Wednesday.

Schools in attendance were: Ark City Christian Academy, Caldwell, Chaparral, Northeast Magnet, Oxford, South Haven, West Elk, and Winfield.

The students competed for scholarships and cash prizes. The format of the competition consisted of the construction of scientific apparatus testing the skills of the creators (in teams of two) and a scholastic competition for those knowledgeable in the scientific fields.

All Natural Science department members were involved with the event, which was coordinated by the Math and Science Club and the Cowley Admission’s Office.

“We had a high quality group of students participating in the academic contests and in the apparatus events and appreciate the dedication of the high school teachers in promoting this event to their students and preparing students for the academic competitions,” Michelle Schoon, Natural Science Department Chair said.

The apparatus events included Eifel Tower building, mouse trap car competitions, Crime Scene Investigations and Write-it Build-it.

After campus tours and lunch, the final scholastic competitions were held with the top scorers of the scholastic exams going head-to-head in a quiz bowl format. Awards were then given with the top winners of the scholastic competition receiving graphing calculators and the apparatus winners receiving a cash award. Additionally, scholarships were awarded to the top winners in each event, if they were a senior.

Hannah Wilson and Baylee Tanner of South Haven High School placed first in the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) competition. While, Esther Rebold and Alaina Resende of South Haven High School were the top finishers in the Eifel Tower competition.

Paige VanDegrift, Aaron Miller, and Jasmine Coble of West Elk High School teamed to place first in the Write-It Build-It competition. While, Kurt Sloan and Tom Lawlis of Oxford High School, and Elijah Rebold and Richie Goble of South Haven High School, finished first in the two Mousetrap Car competitions.

First place finishers in the five academic areas that were tested were, Aaron Miller of West Elk (Algebra), Oggie Shimkus of Oxford (Biology, Chemistry, and Geometry), and Parker Ray of South Haven (Physical Science).

“The Natural Science Department looks forward to hosting the event again next year and have already been discussing new competitions and improvements,” Schoon said.


CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) : 
1st Place -  Hannah Wilson, Baylee Tanner (South Haven)
2nd Place – Gavin Neises, Kelsey Metz (Oxford)
3rd Place – Will Moreland, Sasha Liersemann (South Haven)

1ST Place -  Esther Rebold,  Alaina Resendez (South Haven)
2nd Place -  none
3rd Place -  none

1st Place -  Paige VanDegrift, Aaron Miller, Jasmine Coble (West Elk)
2nd Place – Kaden Halling, Sam Wencel, Karlee Schmidt (Caldwell)
3rd Place -  J.C. Venable, Sara Wilson, Mikayla Hawkins

1st Place Distance – Kurt Sloan, Tom Lawlis  (Oxford)
2nd Place Distance – Elijah Rebold, Richie Goble  (South Haven)
3rd Place Distance – Nick Ingram, Lucas Harris (South Haven)

MOUSETRAP CARS - Creative Design: 
1st Place (Creative Design)  -  Elijah Rebold, Richie Goble (South Haven)
2nd Place (Creative Design) – Nick Ingram, Lucas Harris (South Haven)
3rd Place (Creative Design) – Kurt Sloan, Tom Lawlis (Oxford)

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