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February 13, 2014


Math and Science—The ATOMIC PI District—wins Homecoming Hunger Games Sweepstakes.!


math & science winnersThe purpose of Homecoming is to promote a renewed spirit to Cowley County Community College. The week was full of exciting activities that focused on building strong tradition and bonds with classmates.

The week started off with a Archery Tournament against Districts and the viewing of the Hunger Games with the districts dressing up as their favorite person in the movie. 

The next two days were full of excitement and competition with a spirit banner and cart/wagon contest along with a door decorating contest and iron chef challenge.  

The sweepstakes saw hundreds of Cowley students come out and watch and participate.  

Teams included were: Diverse Tiger Club, CAAT, Tiger Volleyball, AEC, Act One, Creative Claws, PBL, PTK, Math and Science Club and the  Cowley Student Senate.

Archery tournament- PTK/AEC 1st place,  Creative Claws Ink District  2nd place

Iron Chef-1st
2nd Greek Goddesses of Volleyball,
3rd place Student Senate and
4th place PBL

1st place Act One,  2nd place Diverse Tiger District
3rd place Art Club, 4th place Creative Claws Ink District

Banner/Cart Contest
1st place-Math and Science Atomic PI District
2nd-Creative Claws Ink District
3rd- AEC-District of Knowledge
4th- Student Senate District

 Top Three Finishers
4th place – Art Club District-175 points
3rd place……with a total of 185 points Diverse Tiger District
2nd place…… with a total of 210 points Creative Claws Ink District

Sweepstakes Winner
With a total of 215 points ---your 2014 Homecoming Sweepstakes winner is ………
.Math and Science-The ATOMIC PI District!

On behalf of Student Life we would like to thank all of our Teams who participated in the Sweepstakes this year. May the ODDS be in YOUR Favor!!