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February 28, 2014


Voting set to begin for Pie Day


Liz pieThe Math and Science Club at Cowley College would like to celebrate π (Pie) Day on Friday, March 14. One of Cowley’s finest will receive a pie in the face on π (Pie) Day. 

Here is how it will work.  There will be several jars with the faculty/staff pictures in the front.  Individuals can vote for the one they want to receive the pie by adding coins to their jar. 

So, the most money in the jar in coins, equals the most votes.  But wait, what if you don’t want that person to receive the pie?  Dollar bills (or higher) will erase that amount of coins. So, coins add and dollars subtract. 

The voting will start on Monday, March 3 and will end at 3 p.m. on Thursday  March 13.  The top  “winner” will receive a  pie at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, March 14 at the Calder Bonfy Memorial  Amphitheater.  Proceeds from this event will go to Mu Alpha Sigma Chi.

Last year, Liz Shepard got the pie in the face.

Here are this year’s contestants:

Jennifer Bahner
Steven Cooper
Mark Dykes
Daniel Higdon
Melinda Neal
Jamison Rhoads
Ben Schears
Martin Shaffer
Liz Shepard
Landon West