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March 10, 2014

Theatre Department performs "Peter Pan" in front of packed house


Spring MusicalThe anticipation of Cowley College’s Theatre Department’s performance of “Peter Pan” led to sell out crowds for the weekend performances. The crowds were not disappointed as they saw wonderful acting and singing to go along with amazing set designs.

After playing in front of a large audience on Thursday night, “Peter Pan” packed the Robert Brown Theatre for its Friday and Saturday night performances.

“It was a huge show, it seemed like it just kept growing,” Cowley College interim theatre director Dejon Ewing said. “The kids were wonderful, everyone stepped up. It turned out to be a pleasure to put together.”

The musical was the British version by Piers Chater Robinson. All of the characters were the same as the original version, only the music was more up-tempo.

The actors flew across the stage as they were lifted by stagehands working on a pulley system. The stagehands controlled the wires that sent the cast members flying.

The costumes were rented from companies in California and Chicago.

“The costumes gave us the touch we needed to make it special,” Ewing said.

The marvelous sets consisted of the nursery, hidden cave, the boat, and the Indian village. The sets were constructed by technical director of theatre Jamison Rhoads and student assistant Stuart Parman.

“The building of the sets was tremendous,” Ewing said.

Sophomore Rose Hooley did a masterful job in the lead role as Peter Pan, while Addam Porter nailed the role of Captain Hook. The supporting cast was spot on as the production of “Peter Pan” made for a magical evening.

Spencer MacLaughlin, son of the late Scott MacLaughlin (former theatre director at Cowley College), excelled in the role of Michael.

“He earned that part and how incredibly wonderful is that,” Ewing said.

Another youngster that shined on the stage was Eli Eis, who had the role of John.

“He grew and grew in that part,” Ewing said.

Jennifer Blatchford handled the choreography, while the Prairie Voice Children’s Choir, under the direction of Vivian Velasquez, also performed during the Theatre production.

The performances gave audience members a chance to relive their childhood.

“The kids were great and were such a joy to work with,” Ewing said.

Cast list:

  • Adriana Somerville – Mrs. Darling
  • Alex Guerin – Jukes (pirate)
  • Cyruss Tasker – Mr. Darling
  • Ron Slaton – Noodler (pirate)
  • Sidney Hogan – Twin #1 (lost boy)
  • Brenna Beeson – Curly (lost boy
  • Addam Porter – Captain Hook
  • Alex Behrens – Nibs (lost boy)
  • Courtney Banks – Stage Manager
  • David Boxman – Skylights (pirate)
  • Henry Flickinger – Running Dog (Indian)
  • John Rohr – Tootles (lost boy)
  • Josh Waldorf – Grizzly Bear (Indian)
  • Kiersten McGowan – Cunning Fox (Indian)
  • Kristen Boxman – Tiger Lily
  • Rose Hooley – Peter Pan
  • Eli Eis – John
  • Spencer MacLaughlin – Michael
  • Amber Creed – Slightly (lost boy)
  • Abby Killman – Wendy
  • Abby Ronnfeldt – Singing Bull (Indian)
  • Andrew Horning – Smee (pirate)
  • Corey Rothwell – Starkey (pirate)
  • Emily Loehner – Twin #2 (lost boy)
  • Gary Fizer III – Chief (Indian)
  • Holly Landis – Nana/Croc
  • Jace Franklin – Cecco (pirate)
  • Jasmine Haddock – Liza
  • Kandice Wright – Stalking Deer (Indian)
  • Kayla McLaughlin – Bald Eagle (Indian)
  • Victoria Hutchison – Stage Manager
  • Courtney Banks – Stage Manager

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