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March 17, 2014

Mulvane Math and Science Club raises over $200


Pi DayThe Math and Science Club at Cowley College’s Mulvane Center raised $209.89 during its annual Pie Day contest held Thursday, March 13 at the Mulvane Center.

The contestants included math instructors, Nancy Ayers and Uwe Conrad, chemistry instructor Chad Killblane, and student services advisor Wes Ross. It was really a two-horse race between Ayers and Killblane. Students were especially rooting for Ayers to be pied, since she had somehow avoided this honor since the inception of the event. When Killblane found his jar contained the most money, he made a late hour donation to push Ayers's money jar total into the lead, but in the end, both ended up getting pied. New chemistry instructor, Tiffany Corley, got into the spirit of the day and volunteered to be pied as well.

Sticking to tradition, the math tutors also made themselves available to be pied for a $2 donation. This year, there were even tutors' siblings joining in on the action.

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