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April 11, 2014

Cowley College offering tuition-free incentive program


Cowley College is offering Kansas high school students an opportunity to have qualifying Career and Technical Education classes paid for through a tuition-free incentive program. The Career and Technical Education Act, or Senate Bill 155, was signed into law in July of 2012.

The program allows students to take tuition-free coursework towards earning a degree, certificate, industry-recognized credential, or work-ready skills while in high school. Cowley College's vocational and technical programs prepare individuals for a wide array of challenging careers in specialized labor markets. Many of Cowley College’s qualifying courses are offered through flexible scheduling or online, which allows high school students to take advantage.

Cowley College has developed a plan to raise awareness of this program.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to earn free college credit and have the possibility to graduate high school with the ability to enter the work force,” Cowley College vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths said. “Cowley College truly appreciates the efforts of Senator (Steve) Abrams in making this a reality for Kansas students.”

Interested students should meet with their high school counselor or a Cowley College representative to discuss options. Students can then choose a program or class to meet their educational goals. Those interested should complete any required program applications and assessments and can then enroll at one of Cowley College’s centers located in Wichita, Mulvane, Winfield, or Arkansas City.

Cowley offers Career & Technical Education degrees and certificates in Non-Destructive Testing, Machine and Tool Technology, Automotive Technology, Manufacturing Technology, and Welding.

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), CNA/CMA, and Medical Coding or Transcription are a few of the industry-recognized credentials included in this program.

There are nearly 200 courses that qualify for free tuition available in some of the following program areas, Accounting, Business Administration, Business Administrative Technology, Child Care & Development, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Equine Management, Health & Human Services, and Mass Communications.