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April 24, 2014


Multidisciplinary training scenario conducted


trainingA Multidisciplinary training scenario was conducted at Cowley College on Wednesday.

The college-owned scenario house on 210 Washington to conduct a “pharm party”. Ryan Doom’s script writing class put the script together, Dejon Ewing’s acting students used the script and back story to create their characters and Frank Owen’s criminal justice students arrived to investigate the crime or an underage pill party called in by one of the party-goers concerned about the effects certain prescription drugs were having on his friends.

It didn’t take long for those ‘officers’ to call for the medical assistance of Deryk Ruddle and Malachi Winters’ MICT students. The media (students in Meg Smith’s violence in the media class) were alerted via social media when pictures of people passed out on the porch and bathtub surfaced on Facebook and Twitter.

Those medical personnel who participated had to identify drug interactions based on incoherent and sometimes intentionally uncooperative teens’ description of the drugs they took or saw someone take.

One casualty resulted from a combination that can oftentimes prove fatal. Criminal justice students kept a worried mother out of the crime scene, but informed about the ongoing treatment of her son while keeping the media at bay. Members of the media asked questions, searched social media and eavesdropped to try to get the story out to the public.

The theater students got into character and stayed there based on the backstory they were provided, each kept their character alive for the whole 45 minute tragedy.

The campus photographer and the newspaper photo editor ‘documented’ the event.

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