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May 7, 2014

Large crowd turns out for final concert of the school year


concertMentioning the tremendous growth of the Concert Band and Concert Choir since their earlier performance in the fall, instrumental music director Josh Fleig and Concert Choir director Connie Donatelli led the groups through a magical spring program Tuesday night in the Robert Brown Theatre.

The Concert Band, under the direction of Fleig, performed “Beyond the Horizon” by Rosano Galante, “Pageant” by Vincent Persichetti, “Daydream” by Timothy Marr, and “Elements” by Brian Balmages.

The Concert Choir then took the stage to perform under the direction of Donatelli. The Concert Choir performed “Peze Kafe”, “Rejoice and Sing Out His Praises”, “Letter From a Girl to The World”, “Boyo Balu”, “Waitin’ For the Light to Shine”, “Children Will Listen”, “Seeds Grow to Plants”, “Prayer of the Children”, and “It Takes a Village”.

Rachel McAfee served as a soloist on “Children Will Listen”, while Cyruss Tasker had a vocal solo on “It Takes a Village”. Henry Flickinger and Levi Sutton served as percussionists.

Dalene McDonald, Page Turner, and Miss Erin Cheyenne Whalen accompanied the choir.

Cowley College’s top instrumental and vocal students will take part in an Honors Recital at 1 p.m. Sunday in the Robert Brown Theatre.

Cowley College Concert Band members:

  • Piccolo: Alexie Pearce
  • Flute: Holly Brizendine, Karly Marshall, Rachel Bouchard, Amanda Fiedler
  • Oboe: Sara Gift
  • Clarinet: Alison Flickner, Jaci Goode, Katrina Ukena, Jace Franklin, Kirsty Skinner, Chris Cardone, Kaysi Wolf
  • Bass Clarinet: Desiree Harrison
  • Alto Saxophone: Breanna Burdick, Jacob Westerman, Abigail Hasselbring
  • Tenor Saxophone: Jake Helphingstine
  • Baritone Saxophone: Avery Correia
  • Trumpet: Justin Woody, Valerie Schlegel, Hunter Ackermann, Patci Vega, Courtney Banks, Tyler Beach, Lake Ferguson, and Warren Taylor
  • French Horn: Caitlyn Martin, Uriah Donnelly
  • Euphonium: Nathan Williams, Jonathan Holmgren
  • Trombone: Brooke Tye, Amy Jo Gragert, Dylan Gregor
  • Tuba: Josh Waldorf, Nathan Metzinger
  • Percussion: Henry Flickinger, Levi Sutton, Robbie Narron, and K.C. Udarbe

Members of the Concert Choir are: Brenna Beeson, Rachel Bouchard, Ian Brannan, Holly Brizendine, Hannah Byers, Torie Calfy, Alexis Coldwell, Jaevin Colvin, Edward Darbro, Tasha Dawson, Hunter DeWald, Madeline Eis, Gary Fizer, Jace Franklin, Caroline Fulbright, Lauren Gardner, Sara Gift, Stevie Guffey, Jasmine Haddock, Libby Hooley, Rose Hooley, Abigail Killman, Holly Landis, Karina Lowden, Rachel McAfee, Kiersten McGowan, Alexie Pearce, Laura Petersburg, Abby Ronnfeldt, Corey Rothwell, Sarah Scruggs, Kirsty Skinner, Marissa Spainhower, Roy Tannehill, Cyruss Tasker, K.C. Udarbe, Katrina Ukena, Jared Valdez, Joshua Waldorf, Jasmine White, Launa White, and Kandice Wright.

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