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May 9, 2014

Cowley honors 34 employees for years of service during recognition ceremony


receptionThirty-four Cowley College employees were honored Thursday, May 8 for their years of service during a recognition ceremony in the Earle N. Wright Community Room inside the Brown Center.

Employees were honored in five-year increments.

Awards are presented annually to employees who have worked five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 consecutive years.

During the ceremony, the college honored the following retirees. Natural Science Department instructor Nancy Ayers, softball coach Ed Hargrove, Natural Science Department instructor Melinda Neal, Social Science Department instructor Deb Nittler, and Natural Science Department instructor Karolee Weller.

Interim president Tony Crouch shared memorable moments for each of the retirees and praised the work done by each individual.

This year’s award recipients:

  • 5 years:  Roberto dos Santos, men’s soccer coach; Janet Kennedy, assistant web master; Dane Straight, women’s soccer coach; Rashelle Cobble, administrative assistant to the vice president of institutional advancement; Rikki Hettenbach, BCIT Department secretary; Landon West, director of housing; Heather Barker, accounts payable specialist; James Sawyer, security/public safety officer; Ricky Squires, machine tool instructor; Lory West, BCIT faculty; Adam Borth, director of communications; Sarah Mathews, accounting instructor; Glen Sheets, automotive instructor-Mulvane; Bethany Stewart, BCIT faculty; Addie Andreo, director for online learning; Robin Graves, Humanities Department secretary.
  • 10 years: Ben Schears, vice president for institutional advancement; Roxanna James, IMPACT administrative secretary; Mark Phillips, head track and field coach; Amy McWhirt, Humanities Department instructor; David Hays, Natural Science Department instructor; April Nittler, Natural Science Department instructor; Rama Peroo, director of institutional communication and public relations; Clinton Marlow, director of computer services.
  • 15 years: Deanna Harp, financial aid specialist; Todd Ray, maintenance and grounds supervisor; Loretta Waldroupe, Student Support Services Math Specialist; Lindsay Sanderholm, danceline head coach; Chris Mayer, Social Science Department instructor; Karolee Weller, Natural Science Department instructor.
  • 20 years: Bryan McChesney, ITV coordinator/technology specialist.
  • 25 years: Dejon Ewing, interim theatre director/Humanities instructor.
  • 30 years: Ed Hargrove, head softball coach.
  • 35 years: Libby Palmer, administrative assistant to the president.

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