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June 19, 2014


Physics instructor conducts workshops in Japan


japanCowley College physics instructor Martin Shaffer conducted high energy physics workshops in Japan from June 6-15. 

There were several one day workshops involving teachers and students who were introduced to particle physics associated with the new particle collider the International Linear Collider (ILC) coming to Japan in the upcoming years. 

The first workshop was conducted at the University of Tokyo and involved only teachers.  The next day, the workshop was held in a high school in Shizuoka.  The third workshop was back in a high school in Tokyo and the final workshop was held at a high school in Sendai. 

The purpose of the workshops was to introduce teachers and students about basic particle physics, the operation and purpose of the ILC as well as the use of a cosmic ray particle detector to detect natural particle collisions. 

The majority of the time in Japan was spent conducting the workshops or traveling to the next workshop.  However, there was a little bit of time to explore a few sites in Tokyo and Sendai as well as experience the Japanese cuisine.  

The workshops were part of a grant to provide educational outreach for the ILC in conjunction with Fermi National Labs out of Chicago.