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July 10, 2014


Cowley College moving to latest technology

Offering students the latest technology and more flexibility in their online classes, Cowley College has made the decision to phase out of ANGEL Learning, Inc. and move to Blackboard Inc. 

ANGEL was purchased by Blackboard several years ago and is now very near its “end of life” as a learning management system (LMS) option. Blackboard was selected as the best solution for Cowley in large part due to the company's innovative product road map, industry leadership, and comprehensive student and faculty assessment tools. The model the college developed with Blackboard support services enables Cowley to provide students with around the clock LMS support. 

“It is important that we invest in our technology wisely, thinking and planning long term, looking to facilitate new pathways for education and learning while keeping the strategic goals of the institution in sight,” Stephani Johns-Hines, Associate Vice President of Mulvane and Online Operations at Cowley College said. “Our vision is to provide students with an education in a technological environment that enhances their ability to contend with challenges outside of Cowley. The ability to communicate in a contemporary fashion, independent learning and digital literacy are key in overcoming professional and life obstacles and features that Blackboard utilizes effectively.”

Cowley College instructors are currently being trained on the new Blackboard system, which will be up and running for the fall 2014 semester. 

Slade Griffiths, Vice President of Academic Affairs, is pleased. “We continue to be committed to providing the best online education and the move to Blackboard will help both the faculty and students in many ways,” Griffiths said. “Additionally, we have fully adopted and are implementing Quality Matters, an excellent process that ensures quality in our online courses. Both of these changes will significantly help the faculty and students.”