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August 14, 2013

Cervantes attends Writers� Retreat�


Writers’ Retreat After hoping for the opportunity for a few years, Marlys Cervantes, Cowley College's department chair of Humanities and instructor of writing and literature, began her summer attending a writing retreat hosted by the author of one of the books she uses for class.

Christina Baldwin is author of Storycatcher, Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story, which Cervantes uses in the Journal Writing/Storytelling class.

"I wrote more in the week at Aldermarsh than I've written in years," Cervantes said.

Aldermarsh Retreat Center is located 30 miles north of Seattle on Whidbey Island. With limitations on the number who can attend any of her workshops, Baldwin offers participants opportunity for one-on-one work with her, as well as extensive time to develop ideas and write. The intensive writing workshop is called "The Self as Source of the Story".

"The time spent writing this past May is the most significant experience and professional development I have ever had the chance to experience,” Cervantes said. “It's far more than learning new ways to teach our students. It's life-changing and life-challenging. I'm so thankful to work at a college that values our continued development and what that means for our students."

Pictured, from left, is Marlys Cervantes and Christina Baldwin.