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August 27, 2013

Students give their all in first-ever Cowley�s Amazing Race


Amazing RaceWith quotes of “I’m sore”, “That was harder than my conditioning in high school” to “When will we do this again?” and “Can we have another one in the spring?” We can assume the 14 teams that took part in the first-ever Cowley’s Amazing Race were not only thrilled to participate, but also just glad to finish.

The minds and stamina of the teams were tested as they had to figure out clues to each of the different 19 locations throughout campus. This had teams running, jogging and walking between each stop. Teams were asked to complete four individual speed bumps within the 19 locations consisting of: Naming the five food groups, McAtee Dining Hall; Shooting and making five free-throw shots, W.S. Scott Auditorium; tossing and making 5 aces with the beanbag toss, Storbeck Dorm; walking five laps, Wellness Center. The fifth and final speed bump was the last of the 19 locations and teams had to sing and act out the hokey-pokey to finish the Race.

The winning team came in with a remarkable time of 61 minutes to finish the race and the second and third place teams came in shortly behind them with times of 64 and 65 minutes, respectively. Prizes were given to the first, second, third, and last place teams. T-Shirts were given to the first five teams to sign up and participate in the event. Drawings were also held during the awards ceremony in the Brown Center Theatre giving away gift bags and discount coupons.

“All of the students that participated had a great time,” Director of Housing Landon West said. “The competitive nature of competition kept all the teams hustling from one stop to the next. There were onlookers that were yelling and supporting their peers.”

This race gave an opportunity for the students to come together as a team to complete a common goal. By working together to solve clues and motivating each other to continue on, it became more than just winning the race.

West praised the support of event sponsors, Cowley Cinema 8, Great Western Dining, Ionic Salon, Pizza Hut, Cowley College Admissions, Sid Regnier Bookstore, Tiger Deli, Cowley College Endowment, and Cowley College Public Relations and Student Life offices for giving donations towards the event.

“I would also like to thank all of the staff and students that help put this on. Without them we would not have had such a successful event,” West said.

Teams competing, in order of finish were:

  1. Luis Lodino, Austin Showman, Gabe Lynch, and Mike Smith. Time of 61 minutes.
  2. Rachel Cuffy, Kia Montgomery, Karly Hartley, and Dani. St. Clair. Time of 64 minutes.
  3. Justin Shahan, Sterlin Broomfield, Nick Robinson, and Kenny Adams. Time of 65 minutes.
  4. Victoria Hutchison, Mariah Brooks, Miesha Walker, and Tim Posey.
  5. Shelbie Andrews, AmberLeigh Rushin, Austin Jones, and Anthony Scarbrough.
  6. Ron Slaton, Jace Franklin, Marcus Robinson, and Clifford Chase.
  7. Katrina Cropek, Tyler Jorgensen, Krystina Stephen, and Natoshea Cate.
  8. Ana Ruzir, Lauryn Sullins, Gunner Blagg, and Macen Vargas.
  9. Amber Creed, Sarah Webb, Alex Hanna, and Hosea Bottley.
  10. Hayley Poljansek, Kaitlyn Whitney, Katie Clum, and Emma Gerber.
  11. Sarah Giraldo, Alyssa Schurle, Jack Busby, and Hannah Brow.
  12. Seth Moore, Josh Coleman, Erianne Adams, and Shali Schoepflin.
  13. Lauren Bussman, Melynda Bussman, Gracie May, and Savanah Case.
  14. Emilee Hooble, Sarah Decristoforo, Katie Twenhafel, and Kristen Boxman.

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