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October 23, 2013

Musical celebration of Scott MacLaughlin�s life held at Cowley


A night of joy and celebration of the memory of former Cowley College theatre director Scott MacLaughlin was held Tuesday night in the Robert Brown Theatre as the Cowley Concert Band and Concert Choir conducted a special concert to honor an amazing man’s life.


concertWith nearly every seat in the Theatre filled to capacity, Concert Band director Josh Fleig welcomed the audience and spoke of the wonderful friend and colleague Scott was. He mentioned how much Scott is missed at the college and in the community and what a special person he was.

“I am still in awe at Scott’s tremendous artistic vision and am challenged each and every day to “swing for the fences” as he always did,” Fleig said.

Fleig then guided the Concert Band through four pieces, three of which were composed by Aaron Copeland. Copeland was an American composer, composition teacher, writer, and later in his career a conductor of his own and other American music.

The Concert Band opened by performing Copeland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”. They also perform Copeland pieces “The Promise of Living”, and “Our Town”, which was performed by MacLaughlin’s students as part of the school’s fall play in October 2011.

“This is appropriate in so many ways,” Concert Band director Josh Fleig said. “It exemplified who Scott was as a director. He was willing to take chances and raise the bar.”

The fourth piece “Chorale and Shaker Dance” was composed by John Zdechlik. This piece ties into Copeland because of the hymn titled “Simple Gifts.”

Following the rousing performance by the Concert Band, vocal music director Connie Donatelli and the Concert Choir took the stage.

Donatelli shared with the audience that every piece of music was picked for one reason, to celebrate Scott. She thanked all the special people that came back to honor this moment.

“My hope was for healing for all of us, Scott’s family, the town of Arkansas City, and the college,” Donatelli said. “I love Scott as we all do.”

Donatelli then led the Concert Choir in performances of “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”, “Helehlooyuh”, “Stars I Shall Find”, “I’m Gonna Sing ‘Til The Spirit Moves In My Heart”, “The Gate of Heaven”, and “Make Our Garden Grow”.

Libby Hooley was a vocal soloist and Holly Brizendine was a flute soloist on “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”. Cyruss Tasker served as a vocal soloist on “I’m Gonna Sing ‘Til The Spirit Moves In My Heart”, and Friends University student Amanda Whittemore provided a cello solo on “The Gate of Heaven”.

The Concert Choir doubled in size for the finale as returning Cowley College Choir alumni joined the Concert Choir on Leonard Bernstein’s “Make Our Garden Grow”.

“Scott taught me to live my life with intensity, passion and fun,” Donatelli said. “We need to live each day to the fullest and make our garden grow.”

Concert Band members are: Holly Brizendine, Alexie Pearce, Karly Marshall, McKayla Poss, Rachel Bouchard, Amanda Fiedler, Sara Gift, Alison Flickner, Jaci Goode, Katrina Ukena, Jace Franklin, Kirsty Skinner, Chris Cardone, Kaysi Wolf, Desiree Harrison, Allyson Hallowell, Breanna Burdick, Jacob Westerman, Abigail Hasselbring, Trey Swain, Jake Helphingstine, Avery Correia, Tyler Beach, Uriah Donnelly, Jared Usry, Jonathan Holmgren, Josh Waldorf, Nathan Metzinger, Justin Woody, Valerie Schlegel, Hunter Ackermann, Patci Vega, Caitlyn Martin, Courtney Banks, Lake Ferguson, Warren Taylor, Brooke Tye, Matt Allen, Amy Jo Gragert, Dylan Gregor, Henry Flickinger, Cameron Crabtree, Levi Sutton, Robbie Narron, and K.C. Udarbe.

Concert Choir members are: Desiree Anthony, DeAndre Baker, Brenna Beeson, Rachel Bouchard, Ian Brannan, Holly Brizendine, Hannah Byers, Torie Calfy, Alexis Coldwell, Jaevin Colvin, Tasha Dawson, Joseph Descartes, Hunter DeWald, Madeline Eis, Brauntez Fair, Bridget Fox, Jace Franklin, Caroline Fulbright, Lauren Gardner, Sara Gift, Stevie Guffey, Jasmine Haddock, Alexander Hanna, Libby Hooley, Rose Hooley, Abigail Killman, Holly Landis, Karina Lowden, Kiersten McGowan, Alexie Pearce, Laura Petersburg, Addam Porter, Abby Ronnfeldt, Corey Rothwell, Sarah Scruggs, Kirsty Skinner, Marissa Spainhower, Roy Tannehill, Cyruss Tasker, K.C.Udarbe, Katrina Ukena, Jared Valdez, Joshua Waldorf, Jasmine White, Launa White, and Kandice Wright.

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