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October 23, 2013


Halloween dorm door decorating contest winners announced


doorsStudents in Cowley College’s dormitories recently took part in a door decorating contest in anticipation of Halloween on Oct. 31.

Kimmell Dormitory roommates Ali Flickner and Michelle Anderson won the contest, while fellow Kimmell Dorm students Kara Thomas and Amy Gragert were awarded second place. Tisay Woodhouse and Destinee Jimenez of Docking Dorm took home third place honors.

The judges were Mark & Penny Carneval from Swampscott, Mass., who are friends of Kimmell Dorm manager Peg Williams. The third judge was Williams’ daughter, Mandi Hernandez from Ark City.
The judging criteria was made up of three categories; originality, creativity and workmanship.

Each category was judged using a 3 point system; 3 for favorite, 2 for next favorite and 1 for least favorite.

“This was a very close decision, only one point between each of the five top finishers,” Williams said. “The kids all did an amazing job, wish I could give all of them something for their efforts.  I want to personally thank each of the students for entering the contest and for the freshmen… next year is another chance to win.”


1st Place: Ali Flickner & Michelle Andersen, Kimmell Dorm              
2nd Place: Kara Thomas & Amy Gragert, Kimmell Dorm
3rd Place: Tisay Woodhouse & Destinee Jimenez, Docking Dorm

Honorable mention
Ravin Coffey & Erica Kielholtz, Kimmell Dorm
Kelsey Karnes & Ashleigh Grimes, Kimmell Dorm
Valerie Brown, Lodge Dormitory
Jennifer Smith & Brittany Walker, Central Dorm

Highest rated workmanship
Paige Karnes & Chelsea Blasi, Kimmell Dorm
Stephanie Couser & Jordan Haya, Central Dorm
Morgan Sliger, Lodge 210