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November 5, 2013

Children�s Theatre ready to entertain with The Beeple


The BeepleCowley College theatre director Dejon Ewing brought The Beeple to Arkansas City when she was the director of theatre at Ark City High School in the 1970’s. She will bring it back to the community with Cowley College’s Children’s Theatre production planned for Nov. 20-21.

“The response of the kids the first time we did it made we want to do it again,” Ewing said.

Area school children will fill the Robert Brown Theatre on Nov. 20 as The Beeple will be performed at 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. and Thursday, Nov. 21 at 1 p.m. The public is invited to the performance on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. The cost to attend is $2. Proceeds will go towards helping fund the Act One Drama Club’s trip to New York.

The Beeple is an entertaining fantasy about honor among the bees. John Willy Entwistle, of Kansas, crash-lands his “super drive, super spiffy, make it yourself rocket” in the middle of all the bees, crushing their flowers and angering them.

John Willy Entwistle finds Queenbee arranging a royal marriage of convenience between Princess Sweebee and Captain General Glorybee. Modest little Humble, a Techbee, is hopelessly smitten with the princess, but dares not lift his eyes so high—until Captain Glorybee proves traitor, conspiring with the enemy to kidnap the pincess and hold her for ransom in exchange for the golden secret of Hex. Prodded by John Willy, Humble undertakes to rescue the princess, and the capricious Fuzzbuzz attaches himself to this cause. Though a most unreliable ally, Fuzzbuzz has an uncanny way of turning up when needed and doing the right thing by accident. Between them, they attempt to rescue the princess and save the kingdom.

Ewing is proud of the work the students are doing in preparing for the Children’s Theatre production.

“It’s going great!” Ewing said. “They are having so much fun, romping around and being kids again.”

Area schools in attendance will be: USD 470, ACCA, Sacred Heart, St. Mary’s in Ponca City, OK, First Lutheran in Ponca City, OK, Newkirk (OK), Dexter, Cedar Vale, and Central Burden.

The Cast  
Humble Addam Porter
John Willy Thomas Walker
Sweebee Rose Hooley
Glorybee Henry Flickinger
Hebe, major-domo to Queebee Holly Landis
Charbee # 1 Sidney Hogan
Charbee # 2 Amber Creed
Queebee Kayla McLaughlin
Honey Potman Courtney Banks
Wossup the Terrible Gary Fizer
Ornit the Horrible Andrew Horning
Black Beedle Brenna Beeson
The Fuzzbuzz Garrett Wolf
Miss Arachne Webb Marissa Spainhower
Warbee # 1 Jace Franklin
Warbee # 2 Kalli King-Nighswonger
Flurrymen Dancers Victoria Hutchison, Brauntez Fair, Samantha Vawter, Alison Holloway
The Beeple Robin McGonigal, Laura Petersburg, Katrina Cropek, Gabriel Isaman