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November 6, 2013

Up and coming group displays their talent at Cowley


Singing, dancing, and engaging the audience, the acapella troupe Kazual performed in concert Tuesday at Cowley College’s Robert Brown Theatre.

The group, from Atlanta, GA, consists of three brothers and a cousin. They performed different genres of music and had the crowd involved throughout the night.

“Their hip hop dancing skills along with their harmonized voices singing acapella was phenomenal,” director of student life Kristi Shaw said.

Shaw saw Kazual perform on the America’s Got Talent television show and was able to bring them to Arkansas City to perform after learning they were going to be in the area.

Along with making it to the top-40 on America’s Got Talent, Kazual has served as the opening act for artists such as Nelly and Beyonce. Their music is getting ready to hit the MTV video circuit.

“They will guaranteed be a group we will be hearing about,” Shaw said.

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