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November 8, 2013


CC Singers and Jazz Band entertain with combination of Jazz and blues charts

Performing its fall concert Thursday inside the Robert Brown Theatre, the Cowley College Singers and Cowley Jazz Band performed classic songs throughout the evening.

jazz bandThe Jazz Band began the evening and finished its performance by playing the blues. Along with the blues, the Jazz Band also performed Latin flavored pieces.

The Jazz Band performed the following six charts, “Back to the Basement”, “Alegria Latina”, “All In”, “Misty”, “Calle Ocho”, and “The Last Lap”. Tyler Beach (trumpet), K.C. Udarbe (guitar), and Henry Flickinger (drums) were soloists on “Back to the Basement”. Courtney Banks (trumpet), Katrina Ukena (tenor saxophone), Josh Waldorf (trombone), and Sara Gift (piano) were soloists on “Alegria Latina”.

Avery Corriea (baritone saxophone) was a soloist on “All In”, while Breanna Burdick (alto saxophone) and Tyler Beach (trumpet) were soloists on “Misty”.

Trombone players Amy Jo Gragert and Nathan Metzinger served as soloists on “Calle Ocho”, and Justin Woody (trumpet), Ally Hallowell (tenor saxophone), and Levi Sutton (piano) were soloists on “The Last Lap”.

CC SingersThe CC Singers then took the stage and performed “Paper Moon”, “The Long Path”, “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)”, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, “Woods”, and “I’ve Got The Music In Me”.

The CC singers were, Brenna Beeson, Joseph Descartes, Hunter DeWald, Libby Hooley, Abigail Killman, Abby Ronnfeldt, Corey Rothwell, Marissa Spainhower, and Cyruss Tasker. This select group was chosen to be a part of the special ensemble that focuses on Vocal Jazz and A cappella singing.

Marissa Spainhower and Cyruss Tasker served as soloists on “Paper Moon”. Spainhower was also a soloist on “Woods” and Tasker was again a soloist on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. Libby Hooley was a soloist on “I’ve Got the Music in Me”.

Along with the Fall Concert, the CC Singers performed in September for the Kansas Community College Presidents conference hosted by Cowley College and in October for the 125th anniversary of the Wichita Children’s Home Banquet at the Marriott Hotel in Wichita.

Members of the Jazz Band were, Courtney Banks, Breanna Burdick, Conner Enderud, Sara Gift, Henry Flickinger, Allyson Hallowell, Valerie Schlegel, Levi Sutton, Brooke Tye, Katrina Ukena, Marin Vega, Jacob Westerman, Tyler Beach, Nathan Metzinger, Justin Woody, Avery Correia, Jonas Lake Ferguson, Amy Jo Gragert, Josh Waldorf, and K.C. Udarbe.

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