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November 18, 2013

Mass communication majors hear what it takes to be successful


Brittany Thiesing and Rhiannon Rosas, May 2012 Cowley College graduates, recently came to speak to mass communication majors about how their work at Cowley has benefitted them at Kansas University.

Both are working in the areas they studied at Cowley while full time students at KU. Rosas was a graphic design major and Thiesing was a mass communication major at Cowley.

“They told us what we need to do in order to be successful in journalism,” Avery Osen, mass communication major said. “They were both involved at Cowley and now at KU and also stressed the importance of doing internships.”

Rosas was also a member of the Tigerette Danceline, was the design editor for the Cowley Press, was in Impact, the Media Club, GSA, and was the social media reporter for Phi Beta Lambda. While, Thiesing was involved with The Cowley Press as a photographer, reporter and designer. She was also involved with GSA and Media Club.

Rosas and Thiesing talked to the mass communication majors about being professional when they go to a conference and they are representing Cowley.

“Brittany and I made our first connections at a conference with Malcolm Gibson, who was the adviser for the University Daily Kansan, which Brittany and I both wanted to work for,” Rosas said. “Going to those conferences is a great place to start networking. We told the students to take your resume and cover letter with you everywhere you go, maybe even a couple small samples of work you've done. You never know when you'll have the chance to make a connection.”

Thiesing discussed her transition from Cowley to KU and how internships helped her along the way. After Cowley, she interned for Channel 96.3 in Wichita.

“Interning for that radio station helped me get another radio internship in Lawrence with 105.9 Kiss FM,” Thiesing said. “Now with my internship over from this summer, I am currently hired on with 105.9 Kiss FM as a graphic and web designer.”

During her first semester at KU, Thiesing was involved with KU's student ran radio station, KJHK, as a news reporter. Also, this past spring she was on staff for The University of Daily Kansan as a photographer.

“Cowley helped me prepare for a number of things,” said Thiesing, who is working towards a Bachelor of Journalism in Strategic Communications, with a minor in Sociology. “The most important one came from the wise words of (director of journalism) Meg Smith, ‘always act and look professional’. The class sizes at Cowley definitely prepared me for what was to come at KU. My mouth literally dropped on my first day at KU, I walked through the hall of a huge auditorium, filled with a thousand students. Cowley also improved my determination and motivation to dip into other fields in journalism.”

Rosas, who is a Photo Media major and Journalism minor on the news and info track at KU, worked a little with KJHK radio during her first year at KU. She has worked for the University Daily Kansan each semester, first as a designer, then a photographer and most recently a corresponding entertainment writer. She also is a graphic design student assistant for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Office.

“Cowley really helped me to be ready for my core classes,” Rosas said. “While I was at Cowley I was already taking some with my graphic design classes but also getting my general education classes out of the way. So once I got to KU I had the gen eds all done and jumped right into my core classes with journalism and graphic design. It was really nice and helped out a lot.”

Along with the mass communication majors in attendance, Cowley College Humanities Department Chair Marlys Cervantes, and director of communications Adam Borth joined Meg Smith  for the presentation.