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December 9, 2013

Interpersonal communication students gain valuable insight


Students in Dejon Ewing’s interpersonal communication class recently had to successfully complete an interview project in order to pass the course. The project was a culmination of everything the students had learned in the fall semester.

The students had to obtain an interview with someone currently making a living in the field of work they are interested in entering.

Garret Vickery, a non-destructive testing major, was one of the students that took part in the project. Vickery interviewed Jason Heffron, the quality control supervisor at Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation in Burlington, KS.

“It was a phenomenal experience to speak with someone who could be my future boss,” Vickery said.

After the interview, Heffron told Vickery he hopes to see his resume on his desk some day.

Kiona Harris is another student in the class that thought the project was beneficial.

Harris, a pre-law major, interviewed C. Edward Watson, who is a partner in the Foulston Siefkin LLP law firm.

 “At first I didn’t really want to do the interview, but talking to him helped me see an easier path in continuing my education,” Harris said.

Following the interview, Harris discussed a possible internship with the law firm for the summer of 2014.

Ewing has enjoyed watching her interpersonal communication students gain valuable insight and internships though the interview projects.

“The students did a good job putting to use what they have learned this semester,” Ewing said.