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December 10, 2013

Cowley hosts Snow Bowl competition


Cowley AEC hosted the yearly Snow Bowl competition on Saturday, Dec. 6. Seven colleges showed up ready to compete from 9-4 p.m.; Johnson County, Garden City, Allen County, Dodge City, Cloud County, Coffeyville, and Cowley.


AECOklahoma City and Redlands were teams that were unable to attend due to the snowy and icy weather conditions. Results were tabulated at the end of the day and two of the five individual awards went to Cowley team members. With 49 individuals competing, Anthony Maldonado received a second place medal and Mason Warren received a fifth place medal for most questions answered during the tournament.

Ron Slaton came in 18th place, Chris Cardone came in 21st place, James Jordan came in 37th, John Rohr placed 39th, Gracie May finished 41st, and Aniya MGowan took 42nd place. Cowley had two teams of four and came in ninth and tenth place respectively out of 12 teams.

Cowley A-team; Mason Warren, John Rohr, Gracie May and Ron Slaton won 2, lost 5, and tied one round. Cowley B -team: Anthony Maldonado, Chris Cardone, James Jordan, and Aniya McGowan won 4 and lost 4 rounds. The top-three teams in the Snow Bowl were Johnson County A, Garden City A, and Johnson County B.

“AEC has some wonderful students this year who were so helpful in hosting this event and taking care of final preparations,” AEC sponsor Dianne Flickinger said. “I want to thank Jodie Arnett, Rikki Hettenbach, and Jack McVey’s custodial staff for securing the Webb-Brown building and classrooms for us. I sure appreciated several of our faculty and staff who took the day to be either a moderator or a scorekeeper. I want to thank Frank Arnold, Mark Flickinger, Bev Grunder, Chris Mayer, Jamison Rhoads, and Martin Shaffer for their help. Great Western Dining did a wonderful job in providing snacks in the AM and PM as well as lunch. We heard several positive comments from our guests.”

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