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December 11, 2013

Cowley anthropology expands online museum


Anthropology majors at Cowley College have spent many hours this fall updating and expanding the program’s online museum.

Cowley Anthropology’s online museum has showcased a variety of archaeological and ethnographic exhibits for the last year. With the addition of exhibits based on student research projects, the online museum has become the place for anthropology majors to publish and publicize their work. The exhibits can be found at . No “www” is needed when typing the address into a web browser or search engine.

James League spent his semester of independent study researching the hunting and warfare technologies of the Kiowa Indians. Using historical photos and drawings, his online exhibit shows examples of bows, arrows and shields, as well as the religious and social aspects of warfare and hunting for the Kiowa in the historical period. League’s research included consultation with tribal representatives at the Kiowa reservation and museum in Carnegie, Oklahoma.

For his work in museum studies, anthropology major Keegan King researched and processed artifacts from Cowley Anthropology’s large archaeological collection. Additions to the online archaeology exhibit include a small bone rasp, a type of musical instrument that produces sound by rubbing a stick over carved ridges in the surface of the bone. A Hardin barbed dart point has also been put on display, used by ancient hunters and dating from the early archaic period in Kansas archaeology, between 8,000 and 6,000 years before today. Rounding out the archaeological exhibit is a set of native pottery pieces from the Lower Walnut River tradition of the fifteenth century. The pottery was donated to Cowley Anthropology by Arkansas City resident Dwight Shoup.

King also undertook an independent research project in the modern expression of historical polytheistic religions, such as ancient Greek, Roman and Norse traditions. This exhibit is presented as a photo essay, showing items used by contemporary practitioners of these religions as they enact their faith.

League and King officially unveiled their exhibits at Cowley Anthropology’s Anthro Expo, held at the college on November 13. Their exhibits will remain online until May 2014. Further information about Cowley Anthropology can be found at the program’s Facebook page, and by calling 620-441-5229.