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February 5, 2015

Flickinger to lead new Visual & Performing Arts Department


With the Humanities Department at Cowley College being one of the largest department’s on campus, the college recently made the decision to form a new Visual and Performing Arts Department to help simplify things.

“We feel splitting the largest department into areas that are more functional with more commonality made sense,” vice president of academic affairs Slade Griffiths said.

Mark Flickinger will serve as the Visual and Performing Arts Chair, while Marlys Cervantes will remain Chair of the Humanities Department.

“Under Mark’s leadership we expect to see excellence at new levels in the visual and performing arts,” Griffiths said.

The Visual and Performing Arts programs will consist of Art, Graphic Design, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theatre, and Web Design.

“I want to grow the programs visibility in the community, develop these programs and make them as good as they can possibly be,” Flickinger said.

Lindsay Allen, Connie Donatelli, Mark Dykes, Mike Fell, Josh Fleig, Jennifer Odom (department secretary), Jamison Rhoads, and John Sefel make up faculty members in the Visual and Performing Arts programs.

“I am honored to be the Chair, it is something I take very seriously,” Flickinger said. “We have some excellent people in the Department and I will do what I can to get out of their way but also help in any way I can.”

Humanities Department programs will consist of Creative Writing, English, Liberal Arts, Mass Communications, and Pre-Law.

Adam Borth, Ryan Doom, Kirsten Dos Santos, Dejon Ewing, Robin Graves (department secretary), Julie Kratt, Deb Layton, Amy McWhirt, Lois Sampson, and Meg Smith are faculty members in the Humanities Department.