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February 26, 2015


Cowley Cheerleaders take home traveling Homecoming sweepstakes trophy


Cowley College’s 2015 Homecoming theme this year was Keeping it Real at Cowley. The theme was based off reality television shows. The sweepstakes spirit week consisted of Cowley Movie Jeopardy, Cowley Cuisine Iron Chef, banner contest, video clips contest, and dorm door decorating contest.

The Cowley cheerleaders won the video clips contest and dorm door decorating contest as they finished with the most total points and were awarded $100 and the traveling Homecoming sweepstakes trophy.

Math & Science Club received 1st place for their Banner.




The clubs, sports and activities represented in the contest were, AEC, PBL, PTK, Math and Science Club, Student Senate, Cowley cheerleaders, Cowley volleyball, Creative Claws, Diverse Tigers Club, Media Club, Act One, and the Cowley Activities Awareness Team.

Act One placed first in Cowley Movie Jeopardy, the Cowley volleyball team won the Cowley Cuisine Iron Chef competition, and the Math and Science Club placed first in the banner contest.


Cowley Movie Jeopardy:
1st place: Act One  100pts
2nd- Creative Claws 75 pts
3rd- Cowley Cheerleaders 50 pts
4th Media Club 25 pts

Cowley Cuisine Iron Chef:
1st place: American Snipers-Cowley Volleyball girls
2nd- Creative Claws
3rd-Act One
4th- Cowley Cheerleaders

Banner contest:
1st place: Math and Science Club
2nd- Media Club
4th- Student Senate
5th- Cowley Activity Awareness Team

Video Clips Keeping it Real at Cowley contest:
1st - Cowley Cheerleaders
2nd-Media CLub
3rd-American Snipers

Dorm DOORS- Bonus
1st place: Cheerleaders  --1st place 100 pts plus 35 participation points—total 135
2nd- Creative Claws –2nd place 50 pts plus 25 participation points –total 75 
3rd- DTC-3rd place 25 pts plus 5 participation points-total 30
ACT ONE—35 participation points- total 35
AEC-5 participation points –total 5

Overall SweepStakes Leaderboard:
The 1st place winner will be awarded 100 dollars towards their club and the traveling Homecoming Sweepstakes Trophy!! Drum Roll!!!
1ST- Cowley Cheerleaders with a total of 360
2nd-Ceative Claws with a total of 245
3rd place- Act One with a total of 205
4th place- Media Club with a total of 185
5th place-American Snipers with a total of 170
6th place – Math and Science Club total of 12o
7th place- DTC  total of 70 points
8th- place- PBL total of 55 points
9th- place- AEC with a total of 45 points
10th  place- PTK with a total of 40 points
11th  place- CAAT with a total of 30 points
12th place- Student Senate total 25 points