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March 10, 2015


Theatre Department entertains with spring play Charley’s Aunt


Charley's AuntCowley College’s Theatre Department filled the Robert Brown Theatre with laughter during the recent spring production of Charley’s Aunt.

Cowley College Theatre Director John Sefel and technical director of theatre Jamison Rhoads worked hard to adapt the original play from 1892 to a more appropriate time frame. Wanting to keep the majority of the major plot scenes unchanged, they decided the year 1938 would be the right setting for the comedy.

Rhoads and assistant technical director Stuart Parman created the setting of an unnamed Midwestern American University in 1938. The play took place on a single, beautiful day in early June, the day before several characters were set to graduate. With sets depicting the common area of a once-stately home that had been converted into male upperclassman student housing; Fountain Park, a serene tree-covered spot on campus; and Pond Road, the modern home of prominent lawyer Stephen Spettigue, which is located on the edge of campus.

Two students, Charley Wykeham and Jack Chesney, want to propose marriage to two lovely young women. Stephen Spettigue, an uncle to one of them, a guardian to the other--won't let them anywhere near the boys; but he's going out of town. Still, the young ladies won't visit the young men without a chaperon.

When Charley's aunt from Brazil fails to arrive from out of town, the boys decide to have their friend Frederick “Babbs” Babberly pose as Charley's aunt. This sets into motion a series of events that included “Babbs” getting courted by both Spettigue and Jack's father, Sir Chesney before Charley's real aunt shows up.

The play remains a tale of college days, of hope, and of the foolish things young people have always done for love.

The Theatre Department will now turn its attention to its final show of the 2014-2015 season, Leaving Iowa, April 23-25 in the Robert Brown Theatre. Limited seating will be available.

Andrew Horning – Kenneth Brassett
Holly Landis – Elizabeth “Betty” Weiss
Samantha Vawter – Veronica Loch
Jonathan Lane – John “Jack” Chesney
Aaron Hein – Charles “Charley” Wykeham
Clay White – Frederick “Babbs” Babberly
Elizabeth Vishnefske – Katherine “Kitty” Verdon
Courtney Andrews – Amelia “Amy” Spettigue
Alex Geurin – Franklin “Frank” Chesney
Brauntez Fair – Stephen Spettigue, esq.
Malaree Hood – Donna Lucia D’Alvadorez
Abby Killman – Ella Delaney
Production Team:
Director – John Sefel
Technical Director – Jamison Rhoads
Assistant Technical Director – Stuart Parman
Stage Manager – Faith “Kat” Pierce
Assistant Stage Manager – Courtney Banks
Assistant Stage Manager – Caroline Fulbright
Costume Design – Kayla McLaughlin
Assistant Costumes – Abby Killman, Malaree Hood, Paige Lundin
Hair and Make-up Design – Malaree Hood
Sound Design – Kristin James
Lighting Intern – Sabrina Masters
Scenic Design Intern – Courtney Banks
Props – Levi Dunn, Semaj Smith
Music Consultant – Josh Fleig
Cheer Choreographer – Holly Landis
Dramaturg – Emily Loerner
House Manager – Karen Dougherty
Poster Art – Kris Ripley
Actor Headshots – Meg Smith and her students.
Set crew – Stuart Parman, Anna Aspinwall, Cole Krueger, Lucia Morales, Kalli Nighswonger, Kayla Powell, and Tanner Wilson.
Fly Rail – Garrett Wolf, Karen Dougherty, Hunter Hawkins, Gabe Isaman.
Construction/Painting: Practicum students, as well as Jake Bond, Octavio Matamoros, Sam Vawter, and Elizabeth Vishnefske.

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