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March 27, 2015

Pi in the three faces


pi in the faceThe Mulvane Math and Science Club celebrated Pi day on Thursday, March 26 in honor of the mathematical constant. 


Normally PI day is celebrated on March 14 but it was decided to celebrate it on a different day to allow more participation.  Students, staff, and faculty donated money to the jars of four contestants.  The individual with the largest amount in their jar received a special pie in the face.    


The individuals that volunteered for this honor were Uwe Conrad, Debra Dockter, Ryan Doom, and Chad Killblane.  Chad won yet again!  He has held the title for the last four years.  Speculation is that he is going for the Guiness World Record.  The totals were:
Uwe Conrad     $10.24
Debra Dockter $12.69
Ryan Doom      $19.00
Chad Killblane  $35.07


Uwe Conrad and Brandon Alber both volunteered to receive a pie in the spirit of the occasion.  Brandon actually received a double pie!  Thanks to all the individuals involved.