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April 2, 2015

Cowley College holds Severe Weather Awareness Presentation


weather awarenessDiscussing severe weather topics ranging from tornadoes, electrical storms, hail, and flash floods, Brian Stone, Cowley County’s director of emergency management, provided a Severe Weather Awareness Presentation Wednesday on Cowley College’s main campus in Arkansas City.

Stone informed those in attendance on how to keep safe during storm season.

Among the information shared were the differences between a wall cloud and a shelf cloud. A wall cloud is a large, lowering, and rotating base of a cumulonimbus cloud that potentially forms tornadoes. Most strong tornadoes form from wall clouds. While, a shelf cloud is a low, horizontal wedge-shaped arcus cloud that is attached to the base of the thunderstorm. A shelf cloud appears on the leading edge of a storm, and a wall cloud will usually be at the rear of the storm.

Those in attendance also heard about supercell thunderstorms and mesocyclones, which is a vortex of air within a convective storm. It is air that rises and rotates around a vertical axis, usually in the same direction as low pressure systems in a given hemisphere.

A slide show and videos were shown during the one-hour long presentation. Assisting Stone was Cowley College’s director of security and public safety Matt Stone, who previously served as a volunteer for the Cowley County Emergency Auxiliary.

Brian Stone informed those in attendance that Kansas ranked second behind only Texas in state severe weather reports from 1955-2013.

Stone said the best way to be safe during the storm season is to be prepared, informed, and know the risk signals.