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April 24, 2015


Meeks receives first Beyond Five Percent award


MeeksFrom the first day a student enters the criminal justice program at Cowley College they begin learning about what it takes to be a five percenter in law enforcement.

A five percenter is the embodiment of dedication to the profession and to society. A five percenter is the officer that will stop and help someone on the side of the road even if it is raining. They are the officer that won’t let something go if it doesn’t seem right. They will do the extra when most others would quit, ask just one more question, check on the child that has been missing from school. In short they do what is right even though it may take more work. This theme is repeated through all the criminal justice courses. 

In this spirit, a new tradition was started in the criminal justice program this week with the issuing of the first ever Beyond Five Percent award. The award is given to a criminal justice student that displays the traits of a five percenter both in and out of the classroom on a continuous basis. 

The first ever recipient of the award was Koby Meeks. Meeks is currently a sophomore at Cowley College and a Sergeant in the Student Patrol Program. Meeks received his award in front of members of the Criminal Justice Department as well as area professionals prior to the first Law Enforcement First Responder class that was held in the President’s Dining Room on Thursday, April 23.