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April 24, 2015


Criminal Justice Students Earn LEFR certificates


Criminal Justices StudentsOn Thursday April 23, students in Cowley College’s criminal justice program earned their Law Enforcement First Responder (LEFR) certificates for the first time as a mandatory portion of the Criminal Justice Topics II program. 

LEFR is a law enforcement version of a program referred to as TCCC (Tactical Casualty Combat Care). TCCC was developed after years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan led to research showing how to use tactical thinking and modern medical equipment to reduce the number of casualties among wounded soldiers. This combination of tactics and medicine has led to the percentage of unnecessary soldier deaths being cut in half since the Vietnam era. TCCC adapted this research and training to aid law enforcement and first responders across the nation. 

Cowley students learned tactical thinking strategies, extrication techniques, and how to quickly and effectively identify and treat major causes of death including severe hemorrhaging, airway obstructions, and chest wounds. 

Students had to demonstrate practical applications such as applying a tourniquet to themselves as well as others, and using modern bandages infused with clotting agents to stop severe bleeding. The students also had to complete mock scenarios designed to show them the decisions and actions that would be needed to save someone while they were in a hostile environment.  The course was instructed by Steve Storm from Health and Human Services as well as area medical professionals.