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April 24, 2015


Mulvane Center Awards Banquet recognized student contributions

mulvane banquetThe Mulvane Center held their annual Award Banquet on April 23, 2015, to recognize student contributions and involvement throughout the year.


Uwe Conrad recognized the Math and Science Club members with certificates and gifts of appreciation, with special thanks to the club President Kathryn McIntosh, who was also the winner of a guitar with her entry for the Bridge Design contest.


Melinda Neal spoke about the PTK student research, initiatives and recent national chapter recognition. She then gave certificates and awards to each member and thanked each for their contributions.


Deb Dockter, sponsor of Creative Claws in Mulvane, spoke of the creative work that comes from the group, participation in open mic nights and the opportunity for trips and other events with students from the Ark City group. She presented each member of Creative Claws with a certificate and a portfolio.


Stephani Johns-Hines then introduced and thanked the Ambassadors and Tutors from the Mulvane Center for the support they provide to the students. Each Ambassador  and Tutor received a certificate and a gift of appreciation.


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