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Adjunct instructor receives Emmy Award


DennisDennis Tabor, a long-time adjunct instructor at Cowley College, recently received an Emmy Award for his work on the series “Astronomy: Observations & Theories”.


Tabor has been an adjunct instructor for Cowley since the fall of 2000. Throughout the years he has taught face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses, which included Astronomy, Public Health, and Pre-Algebra.

He also works for the Wichita Public Schools in their Adult Learning Centers as the Science Department Chair.

The Emmy Award was a long time coming as he was awarded the Emmy in 2006 but only received it this school year.

In 2004, Tabor was teaching an Astronomy tele course for Cowley, and the developers of the video series, Coastline Learning Systems, wrote him to ask if he could provide them specific feedback. A few weeks later, he was on a plane heading for California to be on their Academic Advisory Committee. 

“I collaborated with a team of subject matter experts to update the video series and the supplemental materials,” Tabor said. “At one point, I had the brief pleasure of discussing house renovations with one of the actors in the series, Neil deGrasse Tyson. My main job was to revise and edit script and video treatments for specific programs in the series. “

A year later, Tabor received a phone call that the video series had won an Emmy Award in the “Best Instructional Programming” category for the series titled “Astronomy: Observations & Theories”, and everyone involved with the project would be celebrated at the 58th Annual Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.

“I am extremely proud of my Emmy Award because I feel I was a major part of something big,” Tabor said. “I also feel very lucky since I could have just thrown a survey away and never had the chance at this lifetime opportunity.”

Along with continuing to work at Cowley, Tabor still works for Coastline Learning Systems on an as-needed basis. Recently, he worked as an editor for their Biology textbook and online series.

“As evidenced by my continued commitment to Cowley, I haven’t let this Emmy go to my head,” Tabor jokingly said.