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April 28, 2015


Math can be fun


Students in Mike Hayden’s College Algebra w/Review (CAR) class designed original games or classroom activities that applied mathematical concepts learned throughout the semester. 


The students could work individually or form into a group of their choosing to complete the project.  They were assigned a set of guidelines and were required to focus on one particular 'topic' of the College Algebra outcomes.  They were free to choose their specific topic.  As part of their project, they had to design their own visual aids and props, questions and answers, and provide an official 'Rules of Play' sheet.


After the projects were completed, Hayden, some groups to demonstrate their game to the class.


twisterA game, called 'Root Twister', is a spin-off of the popular twister game.  The group created their own playing mat and spinner.  The spinner would land on various square roots and higher order roots that would require simplification through applying the rules of radicals and exponents.  The solutions corresponded to numbers on the mat that the students would have to place their hands or feet.  Candy prizes were awarded to the students that participated.mathketball


A game was called 'MATHketball' was created by one of the Women's Basketball student athletes.  The student created her own goal and paper basketballs.  This was a fast-paced game that involved converting logarithmic equations to exponential forms and vice-versa.  Hayden would write problems on the board and students would write their solutions on their sheet, wad it up into a 'basketball' and shoot from their seat in hopes for a basket.  Answers were randomly drawn from the 'made' baskets.  Correct solutions were awarded candy prizes.