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June 2, 2015


Automotive program staying busy with class offerings


auto programStudents in the Automotive Service Technology program at Cowley College are gaining valuable insight learning how to work on vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems and finishing year-long projects through the middle of June.


The Automotive Service Technology program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to accurately diagnose, repair and service vehicles in today’s rapidly advancing automotive industry.


The automotive program is offering an electrical class beginning in August as well as manual transmission and automatic transmission classes. A hybrid vehicle class will also be offered in the fall semester.


Cowley’s automotive program includes: classroom instruction and hands-on laboratories. Students have the opportunity to work on high tech automobiles using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment.


The Automotive Service Technology program is accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) for both secondary and post-secondary students and is an educational member with the Automotive Service Association (ASA).


Students in Cowley’s automotive program are provided the opportunity of obtaining a technical certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree. Upon receipt of an AAS degree, individuals may choose to further their education at many four-year schools that have articulation agreements.


To find out more information about upcoming classes in the Automotive Service Technology program please call 620-441-5260.