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June 3, 2015


Fulbright named recipient of V.J. Wilkins Endowed Theatre Internship


Carrie FulbrightCaroline “Carrie” Fulbright, an active student at Cowley College, was recently named the first-ever recipient of the V.J. Wilkins Endowed Theatre Internship.


Fulbright, who has served as a work study on the college's switchboard, been a leader among her peers in the theatre program, and last semester was awarded the college's prestigious "Ambassador of the Year" award.


Thanks to the generosity of the V.J. Wilkins Foundation Fulbright will receive a scholarship to serve in the theatre's newly created internship. As intern, she will assist with events occurring in the theatre.


“Carrie is really the perfect choice as the inaugural winner of this scholarship,” Theatre Director John Sefel said. “The position requires an extremely responsible person who not only knows the technical aspects of our theatre, but is outgoing and professional enough to serve as a liaison with the many groups and events that rely on the Brown Center every year. Carrie fills these needs perfectly, and will undoubtedly set a very high standard for future winners to live up to.”


This position will not only allow the college to create new educational opportunities for students, but will help provide additional benefits and services to all who use the Brown Center.


According to Sefel, this position has been on the theatre's wish-list for years.


"We are actually trying to create a team of five students; one for lights, one for sound, one for house management, one for stage management, and one for fly line," Sefel said. "The money's just never been there. But thanks to an extremely generous grant from the V.J. Wilkins foundation, we've been able to create an endowed scholarship to pay for one of these positions indefinitely. In the coming years, we hope to build toward all five positions so as to give groups in the community the truly professional arts center experience that has been the goal since the theatre was built."