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July 27 2015


Cowley first in the state to offer Community Paramedic Mobile Integrated Healthcare program


Expanding the roles of EMS workers to provide health services where access to physicians, clinics or hospitals is difficult or may not exist, Cowley College is the first school in the state of Kansas to offer the Community Paramedic/Mobile Integrated Healthcare program.


The Community Paramedic Mobile Integrated Healthcare program closes the gap by expanding the role of EMS personnel beyond just responding to emergencies. The program isn’t a replacement for home health or other services that already exist; instead it supplements existing services and expands the knowledge of EMS personnel on how to best help patients. And that best help may not always be an ambulance trip to the emergency room. The CP/MIH program is about maximizing resource usage while minimizing costs.


The 14-credit hour course will run from August 2015 to May 2016. The course will consist of weekly online meetings and a Skills Lab the first Saturday of each month. There will also be clinical rotations.


“This is the next step in the evolution of EMS,” Chris Cannon, Cowley College Allied Health Department Chair/Director of EMS Education said. “This class will equip students with the ability to connect patients in need with local resources.” Cannon said.


Malachi Winters, former lead paramedic instructor at Cowley College, modeled the curriculum off of the North Central EMS Institute. The emphasis of the course will be on items not covered in depth in the Paramedic Program.


Those interested in the program must have two years of experience as a paramedic and have a reference letter from an EMS Service Director and Physician Medical Director.


The program will prepare students to take the BCCTPC (Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification) exam.