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August 5, 2014


New faculty/staff orientation conducted at Cowley

Cowley College has hired several new employees during the past few months as the college prepares for the opening of fall classes Aug. 14.


new employees

Following is a list of new employees that took part in Tuesday’s new faculty/staff orientation.

Mike Rosales, admissions representative; Jeremy Mount, custodian; Rebecca Bashaw, custodian; Paul Erdmann, vice president of information technology; Sarah Bryant, director of marketing; Lisa Miller, student services representative; Helen Nakos, director of admissions; Cindy Lenhart, associate vice president of instruction; Alysa Parson, student services representative; Shane Larson, athletic director; Molley Scanlon, assistant volleyball coach; John Sefel, director of theatre; Michael Moore, custodian; Tiffany Naccarato, certified nursing coordinator; Eric Nitsche, assistant men’s basketball coach; Taylor Hatfield, assistant softball coach; Michael Hayden, math instructor; Heather Kelly, math instructor; Holly Peters, Social Science Department instructor; Wesley Taylor, science instructor; Kirsten dos Santos, English instructor; Michael Miller, corrections GED examiner; Gavin Brown, dorm manager/intramural coordinator; Jessica McIver, admissions representative; Lori Barnes, student services representative; Mica Runnels, Upward Bound academic coordinator; Charity Andrews, head women’s tennis coach.