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August 22, 2014


ACHS Class of 1948 creates scholarship at Cowley College


giftWanting to help youngsters planning to attend Cowley College, the Ark City High School class of 1948 recently made a contribution of $1,000 to support a scholarship for two students for the 2014-2015 academic year.

“We’re blessed and thankful to the ACHS Class of 1948 for their gift to support local students that have chosen to attend Cowley,” Ben Schears, Cowley College vice president of institutional advancement said.

“Gifts like these are critical in helping the Endowment Association move a step closer to meeting the scholarship needs of the students who learn in our classrooms.”

Betty Tanner and Dixie Cranford are among the Class of 1948 members that meet once a month for lunch in Arkansas City. The pair, along with other members of the Class of 1948, made the decision to establish the scholarship.

“Many 1948 Ark City High School graduates benefited from the college when it was known as “Basement University” and we are all very pleased to establish this scholarship,” Cranford said.

Dixie Cranford’s sons, Steve (Class of 1971) and Scott (Class of 1973) each graduated from Cowley College prior to receiving bachelor degrees. Her daughter, Debbie Cranford, is currently attending Cowley and is involved in Phi Theta Kappa and was named Who’s Who Among Kansas Community College students.

Cranford’s great-granddaughter, Savannah, is also a current student at Cowley, while her daughter-in-law, Yolly Cranford, graduated from the school in 1998.

“Our family has benefited greatly from the college,” Cranford said.

Betty attended a semester at Cowley in the fall of 1948, while her husband, Charles F. Tanner, graduated from the school in 1949. Betty’s sister, Virginia Amos, also attended the school.

Both Dixie and Betty were happy to be a part of the group that selected Jeffrey Townsend and Emily Gorajewski as the first two recipients of the Class of 1948 scholarship.

“I hope the students continue with their education and are able to obtain a degree to pursue their ambitions,” Betty said.

Individuals or groups interested in starting a scholarship to benefit Cowley College students can contact Ben Schears with the Cowley College Endowment Association by calling 620.441.5245.

Pictured, from left, Ben Schears, Cowley College vice president of institutional advancement, Dixie Cranford, and Betty Tanner.