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September 26, 2014


Humanities Department celebrates success of instructors


It was Mark Day in the Humanities Department on Thursday, September 24, when the department decided to celebrate recent successes of two of its own, Mark Dykes and Mark Flickinger.

Mark DykesMark Dykes has been busy at Cowley revamping the Graphic Design department into one that challenges students, allows them to work with their own ideas, and provides them with the chance to work on major projects that give them solid work to include on their resumes.

This past summer, Dykes was notified that his design was chosen for the Arkalalah celebration, a key community event for this area of Kansas. His design has already been seen in the marketing of the event, and there is much more to come.

“Having my design chosen was pretty amazing,” Dykes said. “I love getting to see my work out in public. It’s fun to see people enjoying work that I created – it just makes the work feel worth it. It’s really rewarding to know that something I’ve made will help set the tone for Arkalalah this year.”

Dykes previously entered the winning design for Prairiefest’s logo contest in 2006, 2010, and 2012.

He grew up watching shows like The Jetsons or the old Warner Brothers cartoons (Marvin the Martian for example) that depicted this idealistic 1950s/60s-esque vision of what the future would look.

“I always loved how this retro version of the future looked - with slick rockets and funky looking stars,” Dykes said. “I had honestly been looking for an opportunity to play with this art style, and I was glad to finally get my chance with this design.”

Dykes looks forward to continuing the growth of the Graphic Design program with projects like the upcoming vehicle wrap for a 2005 Chevy Silverado in the Career and Technical Education Department.

“I’m thrilled that Mark’s students have the opportunity to design this wrap, and I can’t wait to watch their progress as they work on it,” Humanities Department Chair Marlys Cervantes said. “Mark is exceptional at his job, and we are lucky to have him on Cowley’s team.”

FlickingerThe other Mark, Mark Flickinger, has been highly recognized state- and nationwide. His work is on the walls of the state capital, in the homes of many art collectors, and part of numerous gallery exhibits. Those who know and work with Mark have always realized the level of his talent.  

This year was a big year of that appreciation coming from the College in particular. At the in-service meetings in August, Mark was awarded two major faculty awards, Master Teacher and Endowed Chair.

“Mark takes his students to new levels of talent and professionalism,” Cervantes said. “When on trips with his art students, Mark has been known to bring his portfolio, take it and the students to a gallery he’s not shown at before, and allow the students to watch him as he presents his work for consideration of a show.

That is just remarkable. Think how that puts him and his talent on the line, in front of students, not knowing what will be said about it during the presentation. I have such high regard for this man, his talent, and his commitment to true development of his students.”