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October 8, 2014


Cowley hosting nationally recognized CCEMTP course


Cowley College, in association with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is hosting the nationally recognized Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program Oct. 6-18 in Arkansas City.

helipcopterOther partners for the event are, Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi, and EagleMed, which is a privately owned and operated air medical transport service. The Eagle Med helicopter flew in to Arkansas City on Tuesday to give the students in the class an up close look at how they handle critical transports.

The Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program is designed to prepare paramedics and nurses to function as members of a critical care transport team. Critical patients requiring transport between facilities need a different level of care from hospital or emergency field patients.

Participants are gaining an understanding of the special needs of critical patients during transport, becoming familiar with the purpose and mechanisms of hospital procedures and equipment, and developing the skills to maintain the stability of hospital equipment and procedures during transport.

According to Chris Cannon, Director of EMS Education and Allied Health Department Chair, there are 25 students in the class. The participants hailed from all over, including as far away as Saudi Arabia, California, and Alaska. The CCEMTP is an intense course featuring Physician led lectures and clinicals, state of the art training equipment, and a dissection lab.

The CCEMTP brings paramedics and nurses together in an effort to bridge the gap between pre-hospital and hospital care. The result is a specialized care provider that has an understanding of both aspects of patient care, and uses the understanding to provide the highest level of care to critical patients during transport.

“It’s a unique opportunity in Kansas for students to take this class,” To have this class available to local providers is outstanding.”

This marks the third CCEMTP course conducted at Cowley College with over 100 individuals trained. Individuals in the class must have at least one year experience as a paramedic or nurse.

Dr. Bruce Thomas, a trauma surgeon at Wesley Medical Center will be among those to speak to the class. Other presenters in the class consist of physicians, flight medics, nurses, and advanced practice registered nurses.

“These are the foremost experts in their field and to have them here to talk to our people is pretty cool,” Cannon said.

On Saturday, Oct. 11 participants in the class will take part in a dissection lab at Newman University in Wichita. The dissection lab will consist of frozen cadaver specimens.

Students in the class will also learn about ultrasound, medical ventilators, surgical procedures, and advanced medical topics such as radiography and lab values.

Along with Cannon, Cowley College Lead MICT instructor Deryk Ruddle and lead paramedic instructor Malachi Winters are assisting with the program.