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October 10, 2014


Art students, Flickinger assisting with People & Place project


Art students


Four students in Mark Flickinger’s art class are busy preparing a landscape painting of the Flint Hills to be on display during The Burford Center for the Arts film premiere and visual art opening of the community based People & Place project on Saturday, October 25 at 11:30 a.m. The event will be held in the performing arts room at 120 South Summit.

The People & Place project seeks to bring out the inherent beauty, quirks and all, of the Cowley County region, by examining how the landscape (both literal and metaphorical) has shaped the identity of the county’s residents.

The project was first conceived by Winfield-based artist, Shannon Sigler. Her art centers around relationships, community, and family; and she received training in community arts at Boston University.

Shannon grew up in a small town in North Louisiana and most recently moved to Cowley County from Boston with her husband and young son.

The film uses the artistic landscape as a lens and interviews friends and neighbors from Ark City and Winfield, alongside humanities professionals. Arkansas City’s Kurt Legleiter has served as the videographer for the project. The visual art exhibition will feature a collaborative piece by adult and youth artists, with some help from Flickinger’s art students. Special art works from Flickinger, Sue Jean Covacevich, Ronald Michael, and others will be installed alongside the community piece. 
Cowley art students Sheldon Draper, Danielle Edwards, Brianna Hand, and Jazmin Lara are painting 15 wood panels with the representation of the Flint Hills on them. Because the project centers around how the Cowley County landscape shapes community identity, the students are painting a 30 foot long landscape painting which will run the length of the larger community art installation.

"We are fortunate to have Mark Flickinger's Cowley College painting students working on an integral piece of our People & Place art installation,” Sigler said. “The Cowley student piece will be the unifying factor in the exhibition, just as in many ways, the landscape here in Cowley County is a common experience for all of our community's residents.”

Community artists--Judi Groves, Martha Fitzwater, Lynn Felts, Fred Taylor, Tyler Ross, Shannon Sigler; and youth artists Josie Munson, Edwin Speegle, I’zhayla Kinnard and, Ella Miller--have created original works to accentuate the film stories told by our local Cowley County community. 

The film reveals heartfelt stories of long time area families and those relatively new to the community.  For example, Jay Warren shares a bit about his family’s legacy in Arkansas City, Terry Eaton-Naden discusses how she became a local historian, Meg Calvin expresses her gratitude for the quality of life in Winfield, Trevor Reichle explores his own coming of age as a Cowley College student, and Damian and Lucia Lara share their experiences as they transitioned from Mexico City to Cowley County over 20 years ago.

Flickinger, and curators Ronald Michael, Kate Meyer, and Stephen Gleissner are also are featured in the short film. As are some of Flickinger’s plein air painting students from last semester.

“We are tremendously grateful for the work these students have put in, and for Mark's leadership,” Sigler said.

Because of the succinct length of the film, Richard “Tiny” Thomas, Chris Taylor, Jazmin Lara, Beth Wilke, and Eleanor Richardson’s stories will be shown in a side exhibit.

Following the film premiere, the Burford Center will host a panel “talk back” session with community participants, including Flickinger, around the topic of community development, and the unique value of the Cowley County landscape. Light breakfast hors d’oeuvres will be served.

The project was made possible by donations from the Kansas Humanities Council, Legacy Community Foundation, The Warrender Trust, and Teresa Covacevich Grana.